PhD Curriculum

The PhD Curriculum specifically aims at enthusiastic PhD researchers with the potential and ambition to advance their research field as a clinician-scientist. The TULIPS Curriculum for PhD researchers is meant for approximately 15 PhD students in Pediatrics or Child Health who are selected every year.

TULIPS aims to stimulate talented researchers in the field of Child Health to become internationally competitive research leaders. PhD students (both medical and paramedical) with the ambition to become leading researchers can apply, preferably in their second or third PhD year. Applicants may enroll in the program in every stage of their clinical (medical or paramedical) career.

The TULIPS PhD Curriculum is a two-year program consisting of:
- Three weekends
- Workshops in all Dutch Academic Centers, moderated by leading experts (Getting protected time, being a clinician-scientist, going abroad, grant writing and building your CV are examples of workshops you will participate in)
- 2x participation in the Young Investigators Day

A maximum of fifteen participants will be selected. The Curriculum Participation fee is € 1500 for the total Curriculum. This fee is used to organize all of the above mentioned activities.

An overview of the program of the current Curriculum 2016-2018:

- May, 2nd 2016 - Amsterdam AMC 
Scientific Integrity.

- June, 14th 2016 - Rotterdam 

Who am I? What are my talents? Where do I want to go with my career? What are my goals? How do I get where I want to be? Conflict management. 

- September, 15th 2016 - Utrecht 
Time management.

- January, 6th 2017 - Nijmegen 
Collaboration with others, multidisciplinairy. Crossing borders. 

- May, 10th 2017 - Maastricht 
Supervise students / mentoring/ working together with your promotor / how to create your own 'niche'. 

- June, 19th 2017 - Leiden 
CV building (going abroad)/ networking, H-index and publications.

- September, 5th 2017 - Groningen 
Transition to leader / how to take initiative and create your own career, how to take care of 'protected time' after your PhD.  

- January, 10th 2018 - Amsterdam VU 
This meeting will be arranged by the PhD's. 

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